Clairmont Designs

We are thrilled to announce the launch of!​ Clairmont Designs is locally owned and operated here in Laurel, MS by Stephen and DeShawn Clairmont. They specialize in frames and other unique home goods and gifts – “Handmade gifts made in the USA”. “We started with no experience and nothing more than our desire and God’s […]

Instyle Auctions & Boutique

We are happy to announce the launch of! “Stylish and affordable accessories and clothing for every occasion!” Instyle Auctions & Boutique, famous on Facebook and Instagram, now have their very own website! Our team had an excellent experience working with the ladies of Instyle. We worked together to make sure the site was truly […]

Mississippi Mudd

We are excited to announce the launch of! “Mississippi Mudd is a collective group that embarks on a simple yet adventurous way of life. We enjoy pursing excellence in the outdoors by working hard and utilizing our resources to the fullest.”  The guys from Mississippi Mudd are pushing the message of ‘everyday hunting for […]

The Importance of User Experience

What is user experience? User experience is the complete experience of a person using a product, specifically a website or computer application, especially in terms of how easy or pleasing it is to use. ​ Why does user experience matter? As a local Hattiesburg Laurel web design firm, we know that you typically won’t hear […]

What You Should Expect From Web Design In 2015

As a local Hattiesburg – Laurel web design firm, we are to noticing a lot of new developments in web design. As we begin our first projects of 2015, here’s what you should expect from websites launching in the upcoming months: High resolution photographs have played a huge role on the web for quite a […]

United Conservatives Fund

We are excited to announce the launch of “United Conservatives Fund is a member-led state political action committee dedicated to advancing the conservative movement and electing true conservative candidates. But, UCF is more than just a PAC. UCF will function as a member-driven organization. Where, members help determine the activities UCF engages in, and which […]


We are excited to announce the launch of! “Landserve is an exciting solution to common industry problems. It was developed as a tool to automatically facilitate the exchange between job seekers and job fillers, and as a co-operative for landmen, it is designed to function as a master database for the land industry. With […]

Petrolia Land Co.

We are excited to announce the launch of! Petrolia Land Co. is a land servicing company. Petrolia serves the continental United States from the Rockies to the Appalachian Mountains. “By laying the proper foundation, we have developed a surer way of conducting landwork. Our way is the way of excellence. We pursue it in […]

The Power of A Good Logo

Most web design companies do not offer logo designs and branding. Logos play a substantial emotional role in influencing our decision making, especially when time or information is limited. That is why at Creative Computer, we do not simply build your website. We offer logo designs and branding that humanize your services and bring your […]

Blogging for Your Business

As a local Laurel – Hattiesburg web design firm, our goal is to help make your website a successful storefront for your small business. With potential clients, contacts, and investors searching for your services on the web twenty-four hours, seven days a week, your business does not have to break the bank with expensive advertising […]