The Power of A Good Logo

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Most web design companies do not offer logo designs and branding.

Logos play a substantial emotional role in influencing our decision making, especially when time or information is limited. That is why at Creative Computer, we do not simply build your website. We offer logo designs and branding that humanize your services and bring your business’ personality to the forefront of your website.

A truly effective logo is unique, relevant, practical, simple in form, and effortlessly conveys your intended message.

Your logo should be marketed to your specific audience. For example, a candy shop or toy store logo should use an entertaining font and color scheme, to attract its target consumer.

Drastic colors and silly fonts would not, however, be appropriate for a doctor’s office or law firm.

Any logo should be functional across a variety of mediums and applications. Will your logo still look good on a stamp or across a billboard?

Will your logo remain effective in black and white? A simple design is easily recognizable and allows the logo to be versatile while continuing to be relevant twenty-five or fifty years down the road.

Any company that wants to build a truly successful brand designs a logo.

See some of the logo designs and branding we’ve done:






Message from a happy client:

Thanks Bo and team for a GREAT job on the SCRMC site. We love all the new features this site provides to our visitors.

Becky Collins, Director of Communication, South Central Regional Medical Center