Microsoft Ends Support for Windows Server 2003

   On July 14, 2015, Microsoft will completely end support for Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2003 R2, as a part of its normal support lifecycle policies. Windows Server 2003 customers should immediately begin migration planning. Delaying migrations will present huge security risks that could result in your network or corporate data being compromised. […]

Microsoft Silver: Small & Midmarket Cloud Solutions

“Silver competencies represent consistent capability, expertise, and commitment.” We have obtained the Microsoft Silver Competency for our assistance in the growth of Office 365. The Microsoft Silver Competency allows us access to more Microsoft resources in order to better serve our clients and provide your growing business with additional support. We are proud to be […]

Why Remote Connectivity?

Do you want the advantages of the office with the comforts of home? Are you traveling but still need to utilize your company’s network? Remote connectivity allows users on one computer to see and interact with the desktop of another computer. With remote connectivity, supervisors and managers can keep track of their company from virtually […]

Welcoming Digital Dictation to The 21st Century

As a local Laurel – Hattiesburg computer service company, we know that dictating and transcribing is essential for legal assistants, healthcare professionals, and journalists. It used to be an inconvenient and stressful process. Well, not anymore! It is time to replace your inconvenient collection of dictaphones and handheld recorders with a new digital dictation system. […]

Spotting Scareware.. Don’t Be Fooled!

As a local Laurel – Hattiesburg computer service company, we find that one of the most common threats that businesses face today is false antivirus applications. Browsing the web, you may have been interrupted by this message, “Cloud Antivirus has noticed that you are at risk, please enter your credit card number below so you […]

Backing Up Your Data

With any business, critical data is an important resource to the company. Even a minor loss can cause a major inconvenience. As a local Hattiesburg computer service company, we have seen numerous causes of stolen, lost or manipulated business data, including natural disasters, viruses and even theft. While certain applications and systems can be reinstalled, most original documents […]

The Case for Hosted Microsoft Exchange

  Hosted Microsoft Exchange is an email communications system that helps you stay in control of your business. Exchange provides advanced security and reliability to help protect your information. In non-techie terms, Hosted Microsoft Exchange is probably the easiest and most powerful emailing system today. Exchange features efficient collaboration utilities such as calendar comparing, universal contact […]

Don’t Forget Your Data!

What are you doing with your old computer? There is no correct answer to this question. There are, however, certain precautions that should be taken before reselling or recycling your old PC. As a local Laurel – Hattiesburg computer service company, we see victims of lost data on a regular basis. Here are a few […]

Antivirus? Why?

As soon as your computer is connected to the internet, it becomes subject to all kinds of cyber threats. Some of the most serious cyber threats are computer viruses. A virus is intentionally created to record, delete, or manipulate data on your personal or even business computer. As a local Laurel – Hattiesburg computer service […]

The Case for Firewalls

If you have used the Internet for any amount of time, whether at work or even at home, you have probably heard of the term firewall. But what exactly is a firewall? And how exactly does it work? A firewall is a barrier that protects you and your network from harmful forces, based on regulations […]