Backing Up Your Data

Hattiesburg Computer Service

With any business, critical data is an important resource to the company. Even a minor loss can cause a major inconvenience.

As a local Hattiesburg computer service company, we have seen numerous causes of stolen, lost or manipulated business data, including natural disasters, viruses and even theft. While certain applications and systems can be reinstalled, most original documents are difficult or impossible to recover or recreate without a data backup strategy.

Backing up your business sensitive data is essential and is no inconvenience when done properly and frequently.Any good back up strategy involves “versioning”, or creating multiple backup versions of necessary files to an external storage (removable drive or cloud-based).

Removable drives should be stored at a safe and secure, off-site location, where as cloud-based backups have this capability built in. If your backup destination is connected to your computer or stored at your business, your data is still at risk.

At Creative Computer, we provide backup solutions for you! We use external cloud services that back up various versions of your data to a universal software program that is secure at an off-site location for optimal protection.

Our Backup Solutions Provide You:

  • Reliability and Speedy Recovery
    Our backup services provide you a quick and reliable method for data recovery. No matter your location, our system automatically stores your data.
  • Protected File Transfer
    The files that you select for backup are encrypted during transfer and remain encrypted after reaching our recovery system.
  • Erases the Drawbacks of Tape Backup
    Tape backups are costly, susceptible to discontinuance, and are easily lost during transport to off-site locations. Recovery from a tape system can be a lengthy process. Our cloud backup eliminates all of these vulnerabilities.

Don’t be a victim of lost or stolen data! Let us provide you with a reliable backup plan.

Message from a happy client:

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Becky Collins, Director of Communication, South Central Regional Medical Center