What You Should Expect From Web Design In 2015

As a local Hattiesburg – Laurel web design firm, we are to noticing a lot of new developments in web design. As we begin our first projects of 2015, here’s what you should expect from websites launching in the upcoming months: High resolution photographs have played a huge role on the web for quite a […]

The Power of A Good Logo

Most web design companies do not offer logo designs and branding. Logos play a substantial emotional role in influencing our decision making, especially when time or information is limited. That is why at Creative Computer, we do not simply build your website. We offer logo designs and branding that humanize your services and bring your […]

Welcoming Digital Dictation to The 21st Century

As a local Laurel – Hattiesburg computer service company, we know that dictating and transcribing is essential for legal assistants, healthcare professionals, and journalists. It used to be an inconvenient and stressful process. Well, not anymore! It is time to replace your inconvenient collection of dictaphones and handheld recorders with a new digital dictation system. […]

Blogging for Your Business

As a local Laurel – Hattiesburg web design firm, our goal is to help make your website a successful storefront for your small business. With potential clients, contacts, and investors searching for your services on the web twenty-four hours, seven days a week, your business does not have to break the bank with expensive advertising […]

Spotting Scareware.. Don’t Be Fooled!

As a local Laurel – Hattiesburg computer service company, we find that one of the most common threats that businesses face today is false antivirus applications. Browsing the web, you may have been interrupted by this message, “Cloud Antivirus has noticed that you are at risk, please enter your credit card number below so you […]

What is WordPress?

WordPress began in 2003 as a simple online blogging tool. Today, WordPress has grown to be the largest and easiest online blogging platform and content management system available. WordPress is used for millions of websites all around the world and is viewed by tens of millions of business owners and consumers every day. WordPress remains […]

Coming Soon! petrolialand.com

Be sure to keep your eyes open for petrolialand.com coming soon! Petrolia Land Co. is a land servicing company. Petrolia serves the continental United States from the Rockies to the Appalachian Mountains. You can find out more about Petrolia Land Co. by emailing info@petrolialand.com. As a local Laurel – Hattiesburg web design firm, our goal […]

Why Go Social?

Our goal as a local Hattiesburg web design studio, is to continuously lead visitors back to your website in order to generate more sales. It’s time for your small business to effectively utilize social media as a counterpart to your website, in order to generate more site visits and more sales. Believe it or not, small […]

Antivirus? Why?

As soon as your computer is connected to the internet, it becomes subject to all kinds of cyber threats. Some of the most serious cyber threats are computer viruses. A virus is intentionally created to record, delete, or manipulate data on your personal or even business computer. As a local Laurel – Hattiesburg computer service […]

The Case for Firewalls

If you have used the Internet for any amount of time, whether at work or even at home, you have probably heard of the term firewall. But what exactly is a firewall? And how exactly does it work? A firewall is a barrier that protects you and your network from harmful forces, based on regulations […]