Why Responsive Web Design?


Laurel Web Design

Is your website out of date?

These days, new electronic devices are coming out quicker than we can buy them. Until recently, the only way to access the internet was through a desktop computer.

Within the past few years, technology has mobilized itself through smartphones, tablets, eReaders, and more. Each of these devices is fitted with a different screen resolution. Responsive web design reformats any site so that it remains usable and convenient for every visitor.

Fooling with multiple versions of a website is no longer a problem!

Responsive web design allows site owners to occupy only one URL while maintaining simple sharing and updating.

Today, t is essential that your site is functional no matter what platform it is being viewed on. Don’t let your visitors head to your competitors. Mobilize your website.

Benefits of Responsive Web Design

  • Multi-device adaption
  • Easily maintainable
  • Improves search/SEO rankings
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Unique user experience
  • Keeps your site relevant

As a local Laurel web design firm, we see clients all the time that aren’t getting everything they’d hoped for out of their website. We want to help your site remain relevant to even your most on-the-go consumers.

Message from a happy client:

Thanks Bo and team for a GREAT job on the SCRMC site. We love all the new features this site provides to our visitors.

Becky Collins, Director of Communication, South Central Regional Medical Center