Local Dentist Office Upgrades Patient Experience

With technology always changing in society today, we do our best to provide customers with the latest equipment.  We’ve been working with a local dental office to provide a better experience for both patients and staff members. We have added flat panel TVs in three different locations, and over a course of time have installed eighteen flat screen TV’s that are mounted in each room to serve three different purposes.

Local dentist office needs

  • Initially, the first purpose served is the interaction between TV’s and computers.  We installed computers that run the software needed as well.
  • One advantage provided is cable TV viewing. This will relax the patient and ease the anxiety often felt.  The patient will feel more comfortable as if they are at home watching TV rather than a dentist office.
  • Finally, the TV’s provide the patient to view their own x-rays and dental work producing a better understanding of the procedure taking place.  This will also allow more time to be spent with the patient.

Like a dentist office, our top priority is to provide the best service available to our customers.  We do this by taking a look at real business needs and addressing them with the best solutions available.

Message from a happy client:

Thanks Bo and team for a GREAT job on the SCRMC site. We love all the new features this site provides to our visitors.

Becky Collins, Director of Communication, South Central Regional Medical Center